Literature’s Impact upon Me

I always claim myself as a reader. Why so? Because I have spent my time reading the whole books in my own library, I am sure I am such a good reader. In spite of my type in choosing books – they are all just novels and some other literature stuffs – I still know that I have done no wrong in reading them and getting a vision of life through their perceptions. I have seen the world they had described in the books. I have felt the air they had breathed in the books. I have learned and I have known what every sorrows can lead to (Most of the novels always end up with that “HAPPY ENDING” anyway).

Now, would you say to me that I am a total freak for believing those kind of things which are far from exist?

Oh, Fiction! In what way am I supposed to have a faith upon it? Do Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and the other kind of fictional fantasy character has made really exist? I’m still on the track. And I still use my logic – although I use my feelings more often. I do not believe them. They are all just chilling the stories. They are not something that people have to take so seriously. They are all unreal.

What is in my case, is something different. The novels – great novels – are teaching me how to bear myself in facing this huge world. When someone says that reading is the key to open the world, I 100% agree!!!! I see my world through it. I get so inspired by the characters they have made. BIG TIME!! Do I need to thank the writers? Oh yes, I do! Thank YOU; for seeing the world better than normal people can do!

I dragged into the old-fashioned thingy since I read classic literature. Most of times I have to remind myself that this is now a different age. I’m not gonna be like Juliet, Jane eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, Agnes Grey, and others. I will not have those chances to feel what they called as “True Love”. That never exists. If it does, it will come naturally, unpredictably, and unexpectedly. It’s not like we, who move our legs to discover who is going to stop the step and bend down to say “I Love You”. But it’s the Love who collide two souls in the right moment. God play His part on it, remember!

Why am I talking about love now? Well, I am not passionately in love with somebody right now. No bother! It just crossed my mind few seconds ago.

The books I read has totally affected me. I learn how to behave, to think, to take a step, to keep the track on, and to choose what life has offered me to. And it works on me. I have found what suits me and where I belong.

Thank God! Thank you for opening my mind through the Holy Qur’an and through the books.

And my wish is to be one of them, someday.

I can only admire them now. But I am soon becoming them, too.

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