What is Lost

So here,

I have been staring at my laptop screen waiting for some inspirations to cross my mind but nothing has come. I am kind of under pressure. Bahh! Do not ever think that I am about to write a journal here. I have tried that kind of thing a while back and I never really liked my journal. The story of my life were just… what’s it called? LAME.  Yeah, it was.

I will write down a story. Just to refresh my mind. It gives me a special sensation when I create a story. My fantasies are amazing so far. I admit it. But whatever you say, I know better than you. Judge me by your own senseless hate and I will give no response as return 😛 Alright, I am out of being professional this time. I am on my own mood which is so chilling.

Here the story, babies:


It was in middle of the night when I had to run my fingers over the keyboard. Someone was waiting for me to answer a very long message that had been sent through my inbox over Facebook. I had no idea what I was going to say. She made me completely speechless, surprised, confused, and above of all I was terribly shocked! She had uttered her feeling for me, that she had been having crush on me – the man she had never seen in her reality but only she could talk to through this social site. How could she possibly had that such of feeling towards me? I could have faked her everything. I could have pretended that I was good while I was not. I could have said that I was rich and had a lot of sport cars and owned a lot of companies in the whole country. I could have told her that I was reading a book while I was playing with some girls. I could have written her that I missed to talked to her while I did even not! I could have just lied everything about my life to her.

But NO! All I had ever said and written to her were true. I was always being honest towards her or everyone else I met over internet. I made friend with people here – whom you could say “A NET PEOPLE”. I admitted it that I had, somehow, a feeling which cared about them a lot. I always spent the rest of the day over here, to talk to them and to have fun with them; if they did not bore me with the chat.

And this girl, one of the friends I met here since last three months had distracted my attention. I had rolled over her pictures she had uploaded to her account. What should I say?! She’s gorgeous! Hell yeah! I liked her. But I had not known her better and further. I still had to know what kind of girl she was. People could change in a second and people could fake each other recently. But I had a faith towards her. She seemed good. Well, she was. She talked the good words, thou she cursed sometimes. That was normal, I think. She’s educated and she knew some good books. She had her own intelligence. She knew how to be loyal. She never stabbed my back so far. She was always honest. She knew how to take care of me. She always stayed awake to listened to every single of my damn trouble. She knew I was so clingy but she stayed here all the time. She was always there for me when none of them were. She was the figure I wish I could have here – in my country. Not on the internet and separated miles away between the continents. And I meant every single word I had just said.

So I wrote them down over and sent them to her.

“You’re such an amazing girl, you deserve all the best things. I love you so much

and I mean it. Maybe if we lived in the same country, things could change.

But sweety you can’t love someone without meeting him. 

Relationship is a responsibility, from time to time you’ll feel like you need the person you love.

You just need to hug him, touch his hand, hear his voice.

Maybe you like me, have crush on me, but you can not love me until you see my face,

watch my behavior.”


Okay, that is the prologue, I think. No, I haven’t finished the story yet. I will write the rest of them soon.

Comment will make me happy 🙂

 P.S ; WordPress has different function around me. Don’t be mad if I shared something you did not like.

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