Where does the sun go down?

I miss that sunny day where I could go everywhere with the sun burning in my face.
It’s not like I found a bright day everyday in my life.
Like I would always find the darkness in my life no matter how hard I tried to push forward the light in me.
Now I seek for the pleasure of life,
for the best thing that I wish happen in my life,
for all the smiles that has been gone,
and the tears replace them so terrible.

I’m going down..
when the sun goes down.

I used to dream about being a great writer when I could hardly find the words to describe a piece of paper into something rhythmics.
I held the pen in my arms, thinking of thousand words that could fit the blank page I’d been staring at for hours.
I frowned, I sighed, I wrote out the words that came out of sudden from my mind.
I got sick of being so streesed and depressed.
No pleasure , only a pressure.
I sang the word that belong to nothing.
People said I was just babbling.
But things were very cruel and words were just non-sense.

Now I’m not going down,
when the sun goes down.

I am thinking of being a good person when all I can do is just no good.
The scars I have always carried on are getting heavier than the big rocks in the river.
I seek for a living soul whose heart made from gold.
But people prefer the silver than the shine of gold.
My heart drops off, my brain works off.
The life I have been living in, turning into something I will never know.
And the person I love is no longer an object of my sight.

And I think I can go down,
when the sun goes down.

My boy tells me I will be the queen of this world when we both can not even create the empire of our loves.
He says “You’re the girl I’ve been looking for.” but his eyes still wanders around, looking for the better one.
I smile, I laugh, even when the heartbroken thing slaps me in the face.
My life is not tragic.
It always has the magic.
But the miracle is so rare and no one believes in it.
Everything that has been done is the memory I can always re-write in my pages.
And everything that will be done is the future I will always wonder about.

I will never go down,
when the sun goes down.

I will go up.

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