Like You Would Ever Shut Up!

“Do not beat the Man, Beat the love down you have for the man.”

Marsha lifted her head up and shot a straight-dead look to the Man who had been standing in the front door in the last thrity minutes. His face and body were truly a tragedy; his red lips which tasted like a sweet wine could wiped away her happiness she had just built in; his strong arms that would easily wrap her tight could be the most dangerous trap, leading her to the same hell she was ever in; his brown eyes that told many lies in many pleasant way could melt her soul away to stone; and his beauty that would always have killed her in so many ways. Jaime, was the name that had always been painted in her head like a tattoo. He became her personal own art for the last 10 years. He was the darkness in the light. He was the pain in joy. He was the black in the white. He was everything in nothing. He was all of the bad thing in a whole great thing. He was her lover in enemy.
But the man was now a very different one. He was a taught man! He had learned so many lesson in his loneliness.

//Well, well, That’s it. I will only post the rest of the story in my own laptop. I’m done with those copycaters!!! So, If you feel like want to read more of the stories, email me.

Thanks. 🙂

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