April 14th, 2011

I held your heart in my life, barely stared at my own heart.
I took countless steps forward, not knowing where I headed.
The earth seemed so disgust me for having the sound of alluring wind.
I breathed an unknown air, tasted like wine.
How could I just be the silent type when I got a lot to say?

I dreamed of a land where everyone was buried.
I knew that Lord had given them punishment.
But He said nothing to explain what kind of sins they did.
He made them all stay in a terrible silence.

Oh, Dear God, forgive me now…

I could not describe my own sin.
Pretended that I had forgotten my sin.
Got the fame by selling a hundred lies,
Hiding every truth I had in people’s lives.
Even those murderers would speak nothing about these dead bodies.
How could I just be the blind type when I got a lot to see?

If words could heal my scars,
would you ever whisper something right to my ears?
The loneliness could never scream madly,
The emptiness would never speak loudly.
Was that why you were so free to leave me here?

I could not say I was sad nor being happy.
I was on the edge of losin’.
I still held your heart to keep me away from falin’
Never thought you would let me go down.
I begged ‘Don’t! You know I can’t live any longer without you.’
You said ‘You’ll live again without me.’
Oh, darling, why were you so cruel to me?
No sweetness in your voice,
only the urge to frost me to the ice.

I was cold here, I missed you.
‘Warm me up again!’ and I’d forgive you.
I would always forgive you.
Darling, it was you, you, ‘And always be you.’
Even God could never decide the fate upon me since I always addressed it to you.

‘Stay close to me’ so I could reach you with my tiny hands.
I would speak through my eyes,
touch you with my breath,
feel you with my heart.
I gained no strength to lay myself on you, ‘Oh my love.’
I cursed your beauty for making me so low.

‘Come to me now, I can’t make another movement towards you.’ I pleaded.
The sun had gone down, not knowing when it would go shinning again.
Yet the moon was not shown up, tired of lightening up our nights.
‘Are you tired already, my love?’ He asked whilst I could hardly stared at him.
Where were the stars when I needed a little bit lighter in this painful night?
Why couldn’t I just set the dawn myself?

I stopped mumbling, I saw no use in it.
I stopped seeing, stopped feeling, stopped hoping,
until I stopped breathing.

Dear God, take me now…

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