My Monday

My Monday

As a college student, I do need a place where I can really be peace at the time I am doing my assignment. In spite of my full schedule, I always spare half of my day sitting on the couch in front of my laptop at Starbucks. I am obviously addicted to this Caramel Macchiato which brings me a lot of joy in sipping it and a very load of inspirations. Most of my works have been inspired by this beverage I get from Starbucks.

Today, I am sitting at Starbucks Braga City Walk, in Bandung. This place is sort of new, to me. I just found it like five days ago and only got the chance by today. This place is classic and suits me a lot! I love being here. I can feel a very ancient atmosphere here with a melodious instrument playing through the radio.
If you guys are really looking for a very peaceful Starbucks, I suggest you to visit this place, at Braga City Walk – Bandung.

Enjoy your brunch and have a lovely day. 😉

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