The Unwanted Mate – Preview

I could not take this anymore. Something very urgent had forced me to meet someone I had been denying the existence in my life. Not that I knew it was hurting him, he nearly to his death in every single breath he took without my presence around. But till now, I always had been a terrible lover to my mate. I never really showed him up my self. I did not want to! He was not my choice. The fate chose him for me while my heart kept choosing another male I worshiped more than any other powerful king in my existence.

“He’s dying, Lola!”

I looked down, not being able to look my friend in the eye. She, sure, would blame me and her eyes would shoot me a death glare. Rema snorted as she realize I did not make any response of her and the next thing I knew was my body floating in the air. My feet did not touch the ground and the air seemed hardly out of my throat. She held my neck tighter and kept glaring at me with her big brown eyes.

“MY BROTHER IS DYING BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOU WON’T EVEN TAKE A LOOK OF HIM THAT MAYBE FOR THE LAST TIME AND MAY BE THE LAST THING YOU CAN DO FOR HIM! HE HAS BEEN LONGING FOR YOU, BITCH!” She snapped and threw me against the tree. My back sounded cracking itself and I cringed because of the pain it made.

I ran my hand to my back but a tiny movement seemed cracked my bone worse than ever. I try to catch a breath and steady on my heart beat. How dare she!

“Fuck you, Rema! I can careless of him! I don’t want him, you bitch!” I hissed at her. “You think I will let my self fall on him by you threatening me like this?” I let a an awful laughed out of my mouth before resuming my speech. “You’ve done completely wrong. Kill me, now! I’d rather die than being in his arms!”

Just a preview of my new story. I’ll post the first chapter of it if something can go ‘good’ in me. Comment or whatever it is, are allowed here. 

For further chapter, please visit my Wattpad to check out my works

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