August – A Month With Terrors

It has been a while since the last time I posted something here. I was out of internet, not practically, but it always got disconnected everytime I logged here. Should I say I was unlucky? 

June and July has really gone, pushing me toward a new moon with another new-unpredictable weather. I can even say whether it is Dry or Raining season (Or in your case, it is Summer or Raning). It is full of surprised and has never been so rare it is scaring me off. 

But before I share the terror here, I would like to say Eid Mubarak to all of Muslim in the world. May Allah gives us another chance to feel and be greatful in the next Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. Amin. 

And may Palestine be free, soon. I always pray for them; the innocent children and brave man and all of the citizens. You’ll stand free soon. Amin ya Rabb.


A lot of things happened. I found them very different from the years before. Even though I could not determine if it was a good sign, I felt like something would be up and pop up this August. There are few things which scare me of living in this month; village project from college, seperation, failure, and another unnecesary feeling toward unimportant person who would be inevitable.

The first issue, Village Project will take both energy and mind. And the cost is HIGH! I do not know whether I should be eager or anxious since my team and I have no maximal preparation for this project. The goal is actually easy to be done. It aims those who have the ability in every traditional thing which contained our culture and we have to establish a group of people, so they can improve and know better in playing role as a human with typical culture – Indonesian Culture. In addtion, we, I mean my team and I, will be held such a huge show of exhibiting the real culture of the village to other people. If you think that it is interesting, well,  so do I. However, it ain’t as easy as you think. Pray for August 16th!

The second and the third issue, are things which have been bothering me lately. And all I can do is praying and praying and hoping…. things should be no getting worse on August. 

The last issue is,,,, like seriously – We just met last month and we have not even been as close as a friend yet, why do you think I should have depend my life on you? You are still no one. And probably will always be no one.

So, August greets me with miseries within. 




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