18 September 2014

by Sopiah Endorat


“I feel like I am going to disappear anytime soon. Can you feel it too, Scalia?” Asked Ramond Plaintively to his only company in the middle of the unknown Garden.
Scalia looked down, trying to find the right answer that would not hurt his feeling. The truth might be said quietly but the lies waited in the back of her head for being spoken out loud, to cherish Ramond. She slowly lifted her head up only to face to face with Ramond’s wondering eyes. She exhaled another breath of lies and parted her full-red lips to unspeak the truth.
“I feel akin to you. And it is really tormenting me, Ram.” She said. “I just want you to stay longer here, with me, having this happy life all the time.”
What? She was happy, really?
“Then marry me, Scalia!” He whispered, unsure of what he had just offered. He had been waiting for so long to say it to his he-thought-beloved. Ramond was mesmerized by her beauty under the lights of the sun. Never in his life before, he wanted so much to love a woman like he did to Scalia. For him, it was a miracle that he found her. For the sake of his existance, he would never harm her and lie to her. All he wanted to give to her was his only love and love and love, love, love, for he was so desperately in love with her. She was intriguing him!
And that day, he waited until he was burnt by the light of the sun for her answer that never came from her mouth.
Scalia walked away, leaving Ramond turned into dust; burnt by his great love for the woman who had loved him through lies.

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