An Endless Night’s Poem

Before you tell me your painful story, let me tell you mine first;
that tonight I have just found out what I have never wanted to find,
I have avoided the reality so far, lived in the shadow too long.
I have covered every single fact by the lies I thought would help;
helping me to go through the days when even the air knew that we were not meant to be.
Not that I never listened, I just didn’t want to fall deeper when I was already falling.
I was trying to hold on to invisible thing whilst I saw too much around,
I was focusing on one thing I knew would fail.

I never closed my eyes nor covered my ears,
I wanted to keep holding on to what I had been believing.
But sometimes a strong faith was not enough.
When I was the only one who loved and you were not even planning on it.
We might be so high to build something you knew you would have to break in the end of the night.
Because when the sun rose above, things became blur, and you,
oh you had strengthened the wall between us, separating me away from you.
I ain’t invisible to you, you had always been invisible to me.
Eventhough sometimes, our love was so visible, you would always cover it by your coldness.
Your senseless lines, my senseless screams.

Thou the years have gone by…
I still wish there would be a way to stop these waves on my eyes.
The bleeding wound inside my heart, Oh, this mind inside my head has never
stopped whispering your name in every single pray I’ve taken.
There won’t be a storm without the rain.
A thunder of crying, how I wish I could stop trembling tonight.
Someone has blown the wind, someone has got to stop it,
Oh, I’m scared.

I’m tired of begging, whispering for help.
Be the helpless woman I’ve never wanted to be.
Why, oh, my true love is never enough?
If you could turn the light off, would you turn the hurt I feel inside off?
Even in the middle of the night, when the pain crushes the walls of reality,
I can hardly let you go, when it is the only way to exclude my love for you, honey.

Story, oh story, will become a history.
Written by the author of reality.



    1. Hello. You’re very welcome! I liked the poems you’ve been writing too. I hope we can be collaborating someday in writing.:)


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