Je Suis Charlie

“Je suis Charlie.”

If anyone has ever been so ashamed and scared, it will be me. I am Muslim. I have been born as muslim. I am not ashamed of my religion, my faith. I am ashamed of those who claim themselves as muslim and in jihad but interpreting that jihad wrong.

When I was a child, my grandfather told me, that even when the disbeliefing one spit on Muhammad (Peace be upon hem) he was not even mad or to kill the man. Instead, he was doing good to him, He prayed for his goodness. And what He did, implicitly tells people (we and people before us) that we should never harm those who harm us. He taught us about what humanity is, how we value other ones lives.

As a muslim, I am truly offended by what the Charlie Hebdo did to drew the cartoonist of our prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon Him). This was totally wrong. But it was wrong, more than anything I can describe, to kill those people. I disagree with the actions. If there was one to judge them, it should be Allah. Not human, who did the action for the sake of Allah. That was jihad. It does not do that way. Jihad ain’t killing human. Jihad is not teroring. Jihad is not declaring a war without a fatal reason. Jihad is struggling and striving over Islam. To strengthen your faith in Islam in avoiding the impact which enable to crush your faith.

My question now, have you strengthened your faith after killing, teroring, and spreading the war? Have you been a better muslim after doing those actions? Have you, yourself, been written on Al-Quran as the best ones in Jihad?

Have you really understood what Islam means?
No, you have not.

Do not act like you have mastered in Islam and comprehended the rules. Realize one thing, that you, are merely human. We are all just human. We have no right to sentence other ones to death.
All of my thoughts goes to the victims and the left innocent families of them. I hope the people will be gathering in peace.

I am a writer. I believe in freedom of speech.

Stop killing and teroring in Islam’s names!

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