A Teacher Who Enjoys The Class

Awfully, it has been two months or so since the last time I wrote here. I have been in busy circumstances which held me back to stay in front of my computer and write the words on. But today, I’ve got the chance!

I am a teacher now, in a high school that I used to be loved in spite of my failure to go to the school. I, somehow, am happy to be a teacher in that school till June. It is really an incredible experiences to explore the whole class and visit every single corner in the school. It is truly amazing so far.

On January, 28th was the first day that I came there. Like others, I was terribly nervous too. People little imagine how I wish I could be braver than usual to face-to-face with all of students from each and every class. What was worse is when I had to teach for the first time in an excellent-science-class, a terror was on my face I believed. I beheld the students expressions when I stood in front of the class, trying to be as calm as I could to explain them about the verbs in language structure. I know that structure is the most boring subject a teacher can bring. And I know that students can careless about structure and the whole grammar things. Thus, it came to the point that I made a very bad impression in their eyes for my teaching method was terrify.

In the following weeks I started to be calm and more confident to stay in front of students and explain every single subject well. One day, the other teacher wanted me to teach a so called social-class, second grade of high school. I had not really trusted my quality in build and control students characters because I had never been a good psychologist for others. I was told the records of the class and they were never good. Imagine what kind of frustration that stayed upon me. However, I had to put it aside and walked to class without stop praying.

There, in the moment I open the door and greeted the class, I saw a lot of bright eyes and great spirits within. I was like “How could they hit the bad records while they are potentially genius?”

They listened to me when I explained. They teased me. They asked me about the things they did not understand. They respect me. They did what I instructed. And they… they made me smile…. and still do.

And this is it! The class that has given me such a power to be more confident, more myself, and doing better in teaching. It is because of them! I felt free when I teach them. I was never afraid to laugh together and got closer to them. They have made me strong. And I can never wait to walk again to that class. I adore the students. I adore their characters. They make me want to share every single knowledge I have got in University.

In spite of their bad records, they have good talents in pursuing their own dreams. I believe they be a good role model in the future. If they were really bad that was because they were still teenagers. See how they grow up and turn into ones we could never have expected. Because in being success, you have to turn left and feel how it is to be so bad.

And for a teacher like me, I do enjoy teaching them .

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