Friday With Love

Starbucks Coffee CiwalkThis is heaven!

And it has been a while that I have not visited this place; my most favorite Starbucks Coffee in my country – Starbucks Ciwalk. A lot has changed; the setting, the designs, the baristas, and the playlists themselves. However, it does not replace the authentic of starbucks itself; the smell of coffee. The place is being huge by now. It is not a small starbucks I used to visit everyday (as an escape when I was bored with my classes in University). The seats are arranged perfectly: some in smoking area and others in non-smoking area. For those who love cigarette (please do not smoke in front of me) you can have smoking area for yourselves whether is inside the place or outside. Trust me, whichever seat you pick, you will find the electricity to charge your gadgets (in my case, they are my laptop and cell phones). There are also sofa or just the couches. But they are all comfy; depend on what you prefer. Since it gets wider, the place is able to receive more visitors to stay in and be relax than before.

Just like now, I see an old man sitting by himself on the couch, smoking and sipping his tall cup of Caffe Americano. I see him enjoying the milieu despite the fact that the juveniles are dominating here. It is Friday, at 11:43 where all of the muslim men should have gone to the mosque to take a pray. I guess he is either a non-believer or just a lazy man these days. That is ironic. On the other side, there are three of college students who are busy with their assignments. I supposed it is a chemistry things which I have no interest in. But they discuss it too loud to be unheard. So, I must (at least) listen to their conversations. As for me, myself, I am just sitting here, ALONE, writing on my blog and trying to finish my papers while sipping a cup of Green Tea Latte. Like I said, the words flow through my mind, my hand, and my laptop. I type every single words without taking times to think. I even do not care for the grammar error I could have made because of it.

Today is a day where grammar ain’t should exist. Pampampam…. 🙂

God, that is what makes me want to stay here every single day. A peaceful place where I can think of everything in only one moment. An inspiring place where I can really write down the words without being disturbed by another heaviness inside my head. A delicious sandwich (or a cake) which is GREAT! Above of all, the Caramel Macchiato and Green Tea Latte which are the reason why I keep coming back here.

In spite of its tasteful beverages, Starbucks Ciwalk has its own character that whenever people stop by here, they will never hold back to have a little rest. I must admit that I have dislike others coffee shop or a cafe that offer the same kind beverages as Starbucks but have no good taste at all. Very often I get disappointed by others. Starbucks is my only choice for a cup of coffee.

Another reason why I come here and have always been choosing Ciwalk because it is only Starbucks that I trust; the quality of the coffee and other beverages, the quality of the baristas, and the quality of the place itself. I really appreciate the barista and their other co-workes for keeping this place naturally authentic. They have been successful in serving the visitors. They have given more than we could have asked for.

So, thank you so much to all Baristas and the Starbucks itself, for renovating this building place for my own happiness.

P.S: Someone has just arrived, a stranger, a girl, and she seems dying to look for an empty seat. Wish her luck, reader! 🙂


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