Works with Heart

If you are looking for high salary then I would suggest you to be a bussiness men instead of teaching or doing any social activities. You will not both find and gain wealth if you are a teacher. This is something that comes up to my mind whenever someone asks me why I choose to be a teacher instead of running some bussiness. That is when my conscience says that I do enjoy teaching and I like it.

Compare to one of the institution that pushes tutors to help children in answering the questions of their exams in a fast way, I must say I do not really belong to that kind of place. Children can actually find many ways to solve the matter without have to understand the whole lesson. I see this as a temporary learning. They may can do the exams and get good scores yet they will eventually get nothing to be resulted in future. Solving the exams is just solving them for the time being, not to be carried onto the future.

I do not call it as teaching. I call it as helping, in a lexical meaning.

I cannot do that kind of job with all of my heart.

So, what is it that I truly passion about?


Teaching is fun; going to the class and greeting the students, applying learning strategies, giving and discussing the lesson heart to heart, and evaluating the lesson. Teaching is giving someone knowledge which can be comprehended by the person permanently. By understanding the lesson in every kind of aspect, children must have known how to answer the questions in their exams instead of needing somebody to tell them ways to answer, especially in a kind of multiple choice test.

In addition, any kind of learning methods and media can be used. The teacher can explore the subject using different methods and media. Here, the teaching stuffs are being presented and more vivid. Students can also explore the taught lessson by experiencing it in a different ways to understand it. By then, students will express their comprehension in their own way and it will last longer and more useful.

This is something that I will do with heart. I must say that I have no high salary from doing this job: teaching elementary students and giving them the knowledge to them, yet I feel like I am being my self when I stand in front of the students and discuss the stuffs with them all. I am all out. I am such an explorer when I teach, to get a better look into the students ability and evaluate my own self to what I have given to them and evaluate them at how well they can receive the lesson. Those things, somehow, support me, motivate me to learn and learn over again until I can give the best to the students and prepare them for the best and toughest future.

So I do teach with heart.



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