There Will Never Be A Success Until …


“Congratulations on your achievement!”

“Congraduation! You did it!”

I would like to thank to all of the people for their best words of happiness. I am finally a Bachelor of Education in Indonesian Language and Literature Education. This is my first achievement on my first degree. After spending four years in University I finally gain the results of what I have done. My mark reflects my efforts and I am satisfied with my results, as 2:1.

However, I do not see this as my success. I have not been successful for I have not heard the things I want to hear for so long. I have not seen the things I have longed for. I have not tasted the bittersweet of what life could have given. I am still in the same state where I see no alteration within the world I am living in.

I see success as a very strong word to describe someone’s great results. It is sometimes like a burden that people have to carry on. It is a label which ought to be taken care of. Once you are successful, you are responsible to draw your life line better and straighter. I cannot agree with those who see success as the end of their journey. Instead, success is just the beginning of everything which seeks no finish lines. Any kind of achievement that you gain sometimes cannot always be interpreted as success.

This is where I want to confess it, that to me, I have never gain any kind of success. I cannot claim everything I have gained as one because this is wrong. It is wrong to claim it when I do not feel like one.

I remember when I saw my Mother looking at me proudly when I was 7 years old. She did not utter anything. She just looked at me as if I was her whole life. That was the last time I ever caught her looking at me that way. For this case, I dare to claim that I was successful. As the years passed, I have been seeking out another success which I can contribute to my family. I have been failing till now and still trying to rise. On 16th, December 2015, I thought I would see that look again on my Mother’s face. I kept waiting until that so-called special day over yet no sign I could see it.

That was when I realise that I have not been successful at all. I have not given something which can make the most important person in my life look at me proudly. That I still have to work harder than before to gain her trust and her smile.

I will never be successful until she looks at me proudly and whispers it to my ear.

Because my goal is to see her smile because of me.

I love you, Mom.

And I would like to send all of my loves to all Mothers in the whole world. You are the most amazing women on earth. May everything you wish for be true.




Siti Sopiah

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