Another Words on Friday Night

“Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest words.”  – A Song of Ice and Fire.

There are nights – not many but few nights – when I will recall the moments we used to share to each other: when you would leave your world and fly to my side, only to seek few things you could barely find in your world.

I am longing now, there is a burning desire within my self which wanders around, seeking for your existance that is nowhere to be found. Why are you hiding?

If I were to be loved, would you despise your current manner towards me? If you were to be here, would you chase me harder? But nothing is possible now as you have caused the damage around this wandering soul.

I have been silent, as I have nothing left to say. I have been silent, as I find no use in stating this situation. I have been silent, as I cannot see the truth in the words you have spoken out. I have been silent, as the love I have felt is now doing nothing but paralyzed.

There are days – so many days – I wish I could see you under the sun which shone so bright,  laying aside the clouds and spreading out the blue sky, wrapping our own worlds. To me, I am so hoping to see that day comes.

You would say the same thing, the same promise, but this time… this time you would keep it. No more breaking the promises. Promise me you’d keep it. Oh, I would love to wait for your truth.

I do not want anything. I do not ask anything. I do not wish anything… but you to seal my lips with your lovely kiss after writting our books in front of God and the whole world. Am I too delusional?

And the building family we used to dream of would be true. The idea of us having future was a vivid description. Because you were real,,,,

My conscience knows that.

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