Got Questioned why I am always Single


Here are the answers:

  1. I find it comfortable enough being a single lady.
  2. I cannot just pick up someone and build the relationship for… how long?
  3. I recognize my heart more than anyone, I love what I love and I dislike what I do not love.
  4. It means that I may have found one, or that I may have not.
  5. But the truth is, I want someone who can make me feel like everything is real.
  6. Either the words or the touch, are something which has to be vivid.
  7. I can stand the long distance relationship (sounds experienced! LOL). However, I cannot stand the intimate relationship.
  8. My love is geographically isolated from me. However, if he were close enough, we would be emotionally isolated from one another.
  9. Real relationship happens after marriage.
  10. And till now, NO fiance.
  11. Or there is! That is secret. 🙂
  12. But seriously, I am now happy to be single.
  13. Instead of doing something with a partner who ’cause me only trouble.
  14. Let’s be solo.

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