Unexpected Friendship

“Sometimes friendship appears from someone you used to think won’t fit….”


In this moment, I would like to recall those blur moments when I came to University. At that time, I did not really pay attention to all of the people in my class since I did not feel like I wanted to be in that class. I kept arguing with my self whether I had to make some friends or just be a loner. But in the same time, I already had few friend who happily wanted to claim me as their ‘friend’. So I was not alone, then.

For the following two weeks, I was kind of picky of whom I wanted to be friends with, or whom I should be friends with. I saw some people in my class did not have the same passion like me (who was obsessed with ENGLISH). None of them suited my passion but shared my humour. That was only for several ones in my class. I even found a strange girl whose name’s Cessy, who made me like “Seriously, who the hell is she? Oh, from Cirebon. A NO for her! What a strange name she has! Was that a name from Cirebon? Weird! Gah!”

More days and weeks passed, the homeworks were still in easy state until one of the lecturer told us to do some papers about reporting a book (either a science book or a fiction). Since I was a fan of Twilight Saga, I decided to review the second  book of this series (because I felt like I was in the same circumstance where Bella was left alone by her beloved. How clingy!). That was when I found someone else who was also fans of Twilight Saga and surprisingly she review the third book of the series. The same girl from Cirebon who made to re-think about her, “Okay, you’re cool enough.”

I never really wanted to involve further with the girl. Instead, I joined with few girl who seemed fun and easy (without thinking about the course too much). Cessy became the student who would always pick the chair in the front row and pay more attention to the lecturers while I had become the girl who prefer sitting in the back row and pay less attention to the lecturers. Until then, the border lines appeared between my so-called group and another groups (including the front-row students’ group).

So, let’s say that for three semester I was stuck with the group who caused a lot of issues, and I was one of the issue, too.

However, another appreciation came again when Cessy brought “Wuthering Height” to the class. Right! She was cool, I thought, since she had good taste in book. Without thinking and burying my pride in the deepest part of my sense, I asked her if she could lend me the book for I was dying to read it out. She was kind enough to let me have that book for several days or weeks (I forget). Right, she was kind. But that was it, I still did not want to get in touch with her.

I still saw her as a spoiled girl, depending onto her boyfriend, over SMART, anti-English, and had no fun. The thought of getting to know her was nowhere to be found. I judged her by her appearance and only through my bluring sight.

In the forth semesters, I decided to stay away from any creature in my class. I had lost my comfort zone and felt like I was cornered. I did not mind since I liked being alone and I would rather spend my times at Starbucks than attend the classes and met those creatures. Fortunately, there were some normal ones who cared to ask me of what was wrong and sometimes asked me to join them. As long as I could manage my emotion, I joined them.

And that creature named Cessy, was still out of my mind.

Months passed, things were getting back to normal.

I caught that girl retweeted HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s page. WHOA! Big news that there was a student in my class knowing this TV SERIES! That was when the first time that I put aside my ego and started to get to know her by talking about that TV Series. But the talks went further than I thought, it creeped out into movies, books, and even the lessons (HAHA!). I became addicted to her since she supplied me with HIMYM’s files and good knowledge. But there had not been a personal thing yet. We were still gauche.

Until I did not know why, but I started to open up with her about my personal life. And we were started to get chummy. I started to feel comfortable spending my times around her. That felt nice. And we kept changing the phases, stranger – acquaintance – close friend – best friend – and finally we’re considered sister to each other.

Until today……

So, happy birthday, Ces. You are growing up and ready to take a high leap in your life. I wish the best for you.

On your birthday, I do not know why but I want to confess:

you were a stranger to me

you were the one whom I would never think of being friends with

you were the one whom I always thought of nothing

you were just you without me thinking about getting to know you

but look who we are now…..

Alhamdulillah, that Allah has given me that chance to know you. I thank God that in the end of our times in University, we have become sister. And I thank you for letting me in and giving me chance to be your friend (in spite of my issues in the past AHAHAHAHAH).

Good luck for your future here and in the afterlife. My thoughts and prays are always with you.

Inshallah, we will always stay side by side until we have the grey hairs. Amin!

Dude, seriously, gak tau mesti ngomonong apa lagi, but I want to say all of those words above and post it because I want to say more yet I am not capable of speaking too much. Apologize, dearest! 😦

But I love you, Sis! Have a good day! I cannot wait to meet you again in convenient time.

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