A Glimpse of 2017

I cannot say that what will happen to me this year is unexpected because I have always expected it since the beginning of my study at University. I have worked hard to get this and I have tried many things to finally be one of the candidates. I cannot be more grateful to God; how kind He has been to me that everything I have always asked for is always granted. I cannot stop being grateful. God listens to me and helps me to go through this.

This year, I am going to be one of the Indonesian Language Assistants in Victoria, Australia. I am going to present and assist the students in learning Indonesian Language and knowing the culture. And that is a big thing which encourages me to keep learning and reading. I cannot just let my self do nothing because the four years that I have spent at University feels insufficient. I still have to advance the knowledge and enhance my skills in both teaching and learning. One of my friends said that I can go through this smoothly and I wish I could say the same because the closer the date is, the more tense I am. What should I bring? What should I actually prepare from here? How will I teach? Should I be someone else in the classroom?

I have been my self since the beginning. I do learn from the others but I always learn from myself too: my experiences. I have to find my best spot in the classroom to be who I am so I can be very comfortable when I assist the students. I have always done that in my previous classes. Because one thing I learned from my Professor is that we have to be the friend of our students to share what we have known with them, do not keep lecturing them and ruling them in the classroom to do what we want them to do as everyone has their own way of learning and we ought to discover it and respect it.

To be in Australia is one of my dreams. Although the dream has come true, what is waiting in the future is still unknown. All we can do is keep learning, keep praying, and keep trying to do our best. My achievement does not make me think that I have achieved it all. Instead, it makes me think to be better. Last year was joyful and I hope the same for this year.

Let’s be kind to the others and be kind to ourselves too. We are waiting for what is awaiting.

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