Hello There… G’Day!

“G’day, Sopi.”

Only in Melbourne.


I have just arrived in Melbourne last Monday and it has only been six days that I live in the strange country, strange community, and strange culture yet I feel like I am gonna live here forever. Before I came here, I was totally afraid of what was coming to me here: how I could survive here and how the people would react to me. Now, they were all just unnecessary because I have found and met all of good people, good public transportation, and good places. I do not need to worry about anything because everything is settled down.


However, if you just cannot survive the healthy food, I think you should prepare for yourself. By healthy I mean there is no MSG in the food. Some of the foods will taste plainly but some are just too salty. Well, fast foods can be your choice then if you still want that kind of unhealthy life style. Since I am all good with any kind of food, I survive. This is totally shameful that I have allergy to spinach and broccoli because they are actually my favorite vegetables.

One of the most interesting things here that I always look forward to is I am going to report Formula1 and MotoGP live from Albert Park and Phillip Island, Melbourne, Australia. I am going to keep you update with the other Grand Prix, thou, because this season is going to be fabulous both in F1 and MotoGP. So, stay tuned.


  1. What a great city you have been right now. Melbourne also was known as the Port Phillip District is a great tourist spot. I know they have some specialty food right there but I’m not quite sure about their right location. But if you have some time you will discover it. Good luck on your adventure.


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