A Cold Day in Summer Time

never been so fragile,
so long that I wait for you in Dayle,
your shadow has come but you haven’t arrived
are you separated from your shadow, Ralp?

I can only feel the wind that blows into me,
did you just blow the kiss, too, to me?
I can’t move out of house, I better hide inside,
here, here, in a cold day in summer time.

Where is my clothes? Have you seen them?
I cannot be bare, I am afraid of this theme
it is too cold, and your love, Tim, –
Oh, darling – is out of real term.

Thank you for reading this. It is kind of random for me to write an unorganized poem. The reason behind all of those words is I have always spent cold days of my staying in Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia. I never expected before that summer could be this so cold – 9 degree in the morning and it went only 18 degree in the afternoon before it went down again. I miss the heat of my land, oh Java! I will always see you soon.

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