Kindness is everywhere….

There it was… Friday… A good Friday.

That morning I did not bring any cash in my pocket and I forgot to stop by at ATM. I was going to the city and I was not able to catch the train earlier. The wind blew from the south, chilling my bone. I knew I had to wait for an hour until the next train came.

It was 13 degree at 9 AM. That was cold for me as I was not used to the weather under 18 degree. I missed the heat… I missed my homeland.

I was nearly freezing there. I realized that I had a book with me but a small truck in front of the station caught my attention. I could smell something nice from there. A coffee. I could sense the warm that the truck could offer me. So, I approached it and waved my hand to the Lady inside. She drew a big smile on her face to me as I asked for a cup of extra hot coffee.

“Do you accept card?” I asked.

“Oh, no. Just cash.” She replied. “Do you come here often?”

I shook my head. “No. Just today I’m going to the city and I’ll return on Monday.”

“Ah. That’s okay. You can pay on Monday.”

I was surprised. “But I’m probably coming in the afternoon.”

She dropped her smile and replace it with a little pout. “Oh, this is not going to work for you, then.”

I could hear the regret tone in her voice. Well, I regret it, too. By then I knew I was not going to get my coffee and I was not be able to go to the Bank, collecting my cash, taking risk in missing the next train. So I walked away after saying that that was okay and smiled to the Lady.

I spotted an empty couch in the corner of the station. Even though it was still cold, at least, I could get the peace and read my book. Good Grief  was my choice of book. I just borrowed it from the local library few days ago but had not been read it. So I took it out and started to unfold the soft cover of the book.

I came to page 21 when I sensed – or heard – someone was approaching me. I stopped reading, focusing my concentration on someone was coming. Then a tap on my shoulder had turned me around, to find the person smiling at me holding a cup of coffee with her left hand.

“Shshshsh,,,” she shushed me, whispering.

“But I can’t be here on Monday morning.” I stated.

“You can comeback anytime. Don’t tell anyone.” She whispered again to me with a big smile on her delicate face.

“Oh, God,” I said. “Thank you so much.”

“No worries.” then she started moving, leaving me with the cup of coffee which I was holding now.

“Hey wait,” I called her. “What’s your name?”


Thank you, Meredith.

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