It was the last sunshine in the summer time, the last heat I had to feel. If I were to be in another place, that place would be in the corner of the world; in the small land that hid a golden throne.

I was not desperate. Believe me when I said I had stopped struggling because I did. Thousand words, thousand silents, I had held back myself from what I had always desired: you.

I had always wondered when this irrational longing would stop, wondering where it could lead me to. Thousand prays, thousand silent prays, I rephrased in my invisible pages: my mind.

I knew what I wished for, I knew what I longed for. But the sun set down and the sky turned dark, I was standing now in front of the sire. All my memories of you came back in one piece, forming a perfect shape that I could finally analyse and I could finally understand what I missed: the deception.

I would never deny that what I felt for you weren’t real; too real that I had to bear it for a very long time; too real that I finally came to an end that I had been waiting for. I finally found freedom, the liberty of what we both always wished for: I fell in love, again.

Beneath the dark sky I found the love again that was formed in an absolute way: the real shape, the imperfect appearance, the living existence, the similar yet foreign body, and the see-through eyes. I could now reach and hold what I had always wanted to feel: somebody I love.

I was now in the autumn of my life and I was about to escape the winter by living the life in the reality that someone else had offered. I was to meet the spring soon and ready for the love story in the summer time.

I am in love in a stronger way of love that doesn’t need to be proved.


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