This Kind of Tea is My Obsession

I do love tea!

I love drinking it when I am feeling cold, or simply when I am relaxing. Tea is always known for its relaxation that I can feel the scent of it seducing my intuition. I enjoy many kind of tea: black tea, milk tea, herbal tea, or green tea. I always have that comforting moment of sipping a cup of tea because mostly it is caffein free.

Do not get me wrong, I do like caffeine as I will always have a cup of latte at my recess at school. It is just different sensation of having a cup of coffee in the afternoon rather than a cup of tea. And I have found that I have made the balance of these two.

But that is not what I would like to share here.

Lately, something that is packed exquisitely has got my intention when I shopped at the supermarket: Twinings Sleep. I have tasted all of Twinings’ flavours. I have never been disappointed by it. It has always been satisfying. And I felt it one more time after having a cup of Twinings Sleep before I went to bed.

“A Calming blend of soothing camomile, floral orange blossom, and a hint of sweet honey flavour. It’s the perfect blend to ease you into your evening slumber.”


“Time to chase your dreams.”

This Twinings Sleep combines three flavours in one. Camomile always smells nice. The floral orange blossom does smell wonderful. And I have just found it out in it. Then the sweet honey – who does not like honey? – just make the taste impossible to deny. And it is sure naturally caffein free.


A bag of 18 tea bags inside the box.

On the other hand, I really love how it packed so beautifully. The box contains 18 tea bags that be enough to keep me sweet dreaming for two weeks, especially during weekend nights! I love the design of it: how the purple blended with orange and green with the white background that makes it so contrast elegantly. I just love it.

And when the first time I opened the box, the purple colours was dominating but those white-soft purple flowers and the motivating-relaxing line was absolutely successful to put me into ease. For thinking how beautiful they are, I did not have a heart to tear up the bag and put it on my cup. I did not want to ruin the design. Silly, I know. 🙂

But I tore it up anyway, carefully!


My very first cup of it after tearing the bag.

I would never have known what the tea bag really looked like and how its actual taste was like. And I do not regret it! I found another beautiful things from it. Every bag had its own meaning, its own purpose. I found this blended wellness infusions pretty awesome. It was such a twilight tranquility, a total cup of comfort, a calming-comforting time to chase your dreams for it dreams big.


The purposes of its tea.

After that, I always have a cup of Twinings Sleep before sleeping. Usually I have it 30 minutes before going to bed and appreciate this masterpiece while it is still warm. I am glad to have something that warms my body inside before putting my whole body into sleep. I believe it gives me more comfort and calmness on my resting time.




I would be happy to recommend it to anyone out there who seeks comfort in their sleep. It would definitely be able to put you into sleep.


Have a relax dream, my friends!

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