e-Books VS Physical Books

The cutting-edge technologies have affected a lot of things in humans’ lives. Without realising that much, people rely on technology more than they rely on their own ability. Yes, technology has made life a lot easier than it used to be. Almost every year scientists advance their tools called gadget. Humans sink themselves more into technologies. Even readers go deeper into it, replacing the physical books with e-books.

Does technology make reading much easier? To that question, I must say that it is a little bit easier and more accessible. The thing with e-books, firstly, you can have them without being worried about their heaviness in your bag. Simply save them on either your phone or tablet and you are free to reading them whenever you want. Then, you do not even have to worry about not getting enough light to read because your gadgets are pretty much brighter for your eyes to see. Finally, you can almost find any books you want to read with just one click. It seems like e-books’ shops are having total-complete book stocks more than bookshops down the street. You may find some books are free to read on internet and some are paid.

Speaking about free books, there are some website and applications that you can download on your smartphones, that are providing free books for us – heavy readers – to enjoy. This can work only when you are connected to Internet. I have been on Wattpad for nearly five years and find that it is inevitable. Wattpad is not only for readers but also for writers who would like to share their ideas of story with many people. It has now provided audiobooks for everyone to enjoy. How cool is that?! Another one that is almost similar is Radish. I have not found myself surfing on Radish that much (Well, I have hardly been there). Compare to Wattpad, Radish is using “coin” system for readers in order to be able to read. It does not allow you to read the contents of book straight away. Some of writers on Wattpad enjoy Radish and move their works there.

Which one do you prefer? Well, to be able to read good books, sometimes, you just have to make a little bit effort to get them: purchasing them, for instance.

I have been mingle with e-books  since I have had acquainted with smartphones. I was too amazed and overwhelmed with the idea of digital era. I wanted to follow the trend and become those people who rely themselves on technologies. I am still one of them, thou. However, having an e-book is not always something that is pleasant. There was this time when all of my phone was out of power when I was reading a very good book on my way home from uni. That made me lose my good mood because I had to wait for another 30 minutes to get home and to be able to charge my phone to continue reading the story. All of readers must know that sort of feeling when something interrupts you in the middle of your twisted part of books that are being read. I spent those 30 minutes with boredom.


To keep my self fully companied with, I would rather have a physical book on my bag than relying myself on an e-book. There is almost no limitation when reading physical books. This kind of book would always be available regardless the internet connection and the power of your devices’ batteries. Despite the fact that it might looks old-school, it is found pretty classy to read a physical book during your journey on public transportations or on your relaxing times in a beach or in a park. It is found really wonderful to go to the library and have a book on your hand before you find a quiet space in the corner to read it. Another irresistible reason from a physical book is the smell of the papers that you consume whenever you read it. That smell is heavenly, especially the new book. But let me tell you something, the longer you keep your books on a shelf, the better they smell. Yes, it might get stained and that is just another satisfying feeling as a reader, knowing that you still have your books no matter how many times you read them.


So, if you ask my opinion which kind of books I prefer, I would go with physical books. But that does not make me less enjoy the e-books. I am just fond of the idea of reading a solid one and having it on my bag as my best companion.

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