About Red

It could come from inside of the living souls. It could flow through their veins. It could be so much tempting and extremely disgusting at the same time. It could help them live and it could make them die. It could be donated but could never be drunk. It could be just hurt to acknowledge its present. It could be the most important liquid you need. Red could be blood.

It could be bloom, it could be withered. It could be natural or it could be just hand-made. It could be so beautiful and very comely. It could be a symbol of love or a symbol of mysteries. It could smell good. It could be the most amazing flower in the world. Red could be red rose.

It could be visible but it could be mostly invisible. It could be felt but it could never be touched. It could last longer or it could be just short. It could be two things that was relative to each other. It could be two different things but it could have the same sources. It could be really it or it could be them. It could be one but hardly separated. It could be the most dangerous feeling yet the most satisfying one. Red could be lust and anger.

It could be me or it could be you. It could be anyone that we love. It could be just about our feeling. It could be broken. It could be happiness. It could be something we long for. It could be a present of an object or just simply an acknowledgement of one’s feeling. Red could be just you, my love.

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