I and My Love

“Yes, my love.” said I.

“Darling, are we going to walk the dogs out?” Asked my love.

“Maybe not today, Love. I just want to lay down with you, please.”  I pleaded.

Why, darling. I would love to do that too.” He said.

“Come now, my love. I want to spend the times with you.” I confessed.

“Dearest darling, we have eternity to love each other. Don’t rush.” My love uttered.

“Yes, we do. But, love, why can’t we love now? I don’t want to wait,” She conveyed.

“I don’t say we have to wait. I don’t like waiting, you know that.” He chuckled.

“Oh, love. That I know.” She mumbled.

“Tell me, dear. what should I do without you in future?” He wondered.

“My Love!” she exclaimed.

“Where would you be in the future?” He whispered.

“Here, love. In your heart.” She whispered.

“And in my mind.” He added.

“There, my love. You know where I always am, then.” She giggled.

“But dear, where would I be?” Now he truly wondered.

“In my existence.” She said.





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