God is Good

What is lost cannot be replaced. What is missed cannot be reached. What is expected cannot happen. What is wanted cannot be owned. Because we do not write our own destiny. We live it and fight for it. Yet we will find failure when we thought we have fought so hard. That just means that what you are fighting for, everything in your life that you desire, is not destined to be with you.

But how come that other people achieve it, so easily?

Because it was meant to be. That thing, whatever it is, is destined to be with them. Not with you.

Should we blame ourselves for not fighting hard enough?

No, we should not. It is not our fault. As much as we think that we are stupid enough for not getting that sort of thing, it is not our fault. We have done everything to make it work. Believe me, you have done your best! But you are not destined for that thing. Let’s cry over it. We need to shed tears for our fights to certain degree  because we will move on after that and get up to achieve something better. There is no point in being miserable over one thing while another opportunity awaits you. You will never know unless you find out.

Does that mean that we have to give up?

Do you want to give up? I do not want to. Because as long as we pursue good things, then good things will come finding us. We do not know when and how that thing will finally come to us because that is not our job to wonder. We just need to fight to certain degree until it happens. It is about time.

We have fought, then it still is not happening and we fucked up our times and missed a lot of opportunities. Why does it happen to us?

Then again, it is not destined for us. We have fought to some points that we cannot do anything else which is signed that we are not destined for it. And if we still believe in ourselves and in our dreams, then be patient!

God is good. God knows what he is doing. He knows what is right and when the right time to make it happen to us. If that is no good for us, He will not make it happen and replace it with something better unexpectedly.

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