A Cup of Coffee

Everyone starts their activities in different ways. Checking email or another social medias are common things to do after waking up. But would those things be able to really brighten up a day? I, personally, think that something else is required to make the day much brighter.

Let’s forget the sunlight which the light shines the day in the morning. The light does not always come to brighten up the day when the cloud hanging in the sky and the rain pouring down. That would make everyone have bad mood.

We need mood booster!


Some people will spare their times for 5-10 minutes to get in line just to get a cup of coffee in the morning. I do that a lot! Especially when I do not have a coffee maker at home. And some people will always find the reason why they like that particular coffee from that particular coffee shop. Even I will save couple of dollars just so I can get my coffee in the morning.

That feeling when taking the first sip of a cup coffee cannot be expressed by words properly but it sure can make you more awake. Enjoy your coffee in the morning.


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