Choose, My Love.

Live, for you deserve to live in this world. You have a right to walk on this earth for here is your temporary home before you will be moved to a better place. Build your shelter as many as you can for you are a man with many miles ahead.

Love, for you belong to your other half. You have to feel what it feels like to have each other company and enjoy the love of your life in a wonderful way. Cherish your love one and spend your lifetime with your love for you are no a lonely man in this world.


Choose, my love, for you cannot have more than one and one is always better than two. Decide what your heart decides and follow what your mind says. Take one of us, for I am the blue of the night and she is the red of the light whilst you are the gold of the stars.

As the stars stay only with the night. Would you dare to change it?

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