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The Level of Achievement

Dear people,

If you ever wonder who you would become and where you would be in the future, well, you do not know. No body knows. I do not even know who I would become and where I would end up living in the future. I still do not know what I am doing so far. Even if I do know what I am doing and who I want to become, I do not know how to really arrive at that level of achievement. I really do not know.

Do you know anything about this matter? if you do, you are LUCKY!

It is too frustrating to think about the future yet it is something that we can always think of; something that we are always afraid of; something that we are worried about; something that we look forward to; something that we fight for, just for the sake of our existence. 

Wherever you are right now and whoever you have become, I believe that not all of you used to know that you would come to the stage where you are now. You might be in a place and a person you have never imagined before. Because the future is a greatest mystery in life. We do not know. God certainly knows. 

Yes, we do have to fight for our future, for the better life of yours and your beloved ones – for the entire human race! People have to be prepared for the future. It is not that we expect for the worst, we anticipate the worst. It is not true that we just need to live the moment as we do not know what tomorrow brings. We lived today and then worried about tomorrow at the end of the day. However, worrying about tomorrow does not mean spending your energy to simply worry. It is the action of thinking ahead and preparing of what might happen tomorrow.  

We often feel the desperation and the failure that we just want to give up for we think we would not achieve anything. In that case, it is time for you to have a break and stop what you are doing. You need time to think it over again and take action to really contemplate of what you are doing. Whatever your decision is, that will, somehow, affect your future. We can always start again when you know it might be over, but we cannot give up and feel desperate. 

In the process of achieving something and preparing for the future, people have to go through different kind of situation that might always not be fortunate. It is okay if you are not the most popular person at school. It is okay if you are not the very first person that your best friend go to when they are sad. It is okay if you are not the number one in the class. It is okay if your friend has everything you do not have. It is okay if you do not have many friends. It is okay if you are not considered as the most beautiful person in the community. It is okay if your family does not take you to good places every weekend. It is okay if you do not have the latest technology. It is always okay if you do mistake. At the end of the day, it is the result of what you have been fighting for that matters the most. 

We cannot have what others have, can we?

That is why we see no point in being jealous of someone else. We are different from each other. It is hard to please someone else, so why don’t we start to please ourselves first by not envying of what the others have and be grateful of what have? It is possible to do that. Our friend might have achieved what they want quicker while we are still struggling to achieve it. That is totally fine. That is life. Everyone has different destiny from one another. 

So good people, now and then, let us just focus on what we need to do to improve our life. Let us just focus on what we need to do to fix what we have done wrong. It matters the most about what we prepare now for the future and how the outcome of our preparation will be. It is important not to see others as our rival for they are not. There is no such competition in the world. The competition itself lays beneath yourself: how you fight yourself to be a better version of who you are in order to be where you are. 

So, good luck. 

Happy New Year!


A Mortal Learner

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Stranger to Lover

A stranger is lost.

Like the lost child separated from his mother.

In your heart, I see half of your love and half of my love.

Like the two magnets trying to attract each other.

But a stranger is always lost.

Lost in paradise and has created the fire beneath the ground.

We have burnt the desire inside and replace it with holy water.

Oh, stranger, can we love each other?

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Seeking The Future

I have seen the night when it was not as bright as the day but it was not as dark as the night: the stars shone so bright and the moon lightened up the spot where I was supposed to be.

I have walked the earth from north to south, tasting the cold of winter and the heat of summer; blown by the wind from east to west, feeling the breeze of spring and the cool of autumn.

I have seen the day when it hid its light and showed its cruelness by clouding up the sky and pouring the rain so heavily; wet the soil and grew the wild grass, darkened the house  and doomed the life.

Yet, I have learned nothing.

I have not known what the light in the night would bring to me. I have not known what the stars tried to tell me. I have not known what the moon would offer to me. I have not known if the beautiful night could exist.

I have not realised that the earth had to be the home of mine. I have not realised that the wind had to be the sound I follow. I have not realised that the snow had to be the base of my purity.

I have not acquainted with the warm of day. I have not acquainted with my own shelter. I have not acquainted with any living creatures.

So how would I find out my future?

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“Endless Night’s Poems” on Amazon

It has been almost four months that I have put my first collection of poems on Amazon that you guys can purchased for $4.85 USD.

Endless Nigt’s Poems is the story that shows emotions: anger, desperation, love, broken heart, hope, and courage. All of the emotions are mixed in words and the words will hopefully take someone to have a courage to move on and let go.

I have enjoyed writing the poems since four five years ago and they are mostly inspired by someone’s emotion. You will read my poems as modern poems with random writing technique.

If you guys are interested, you can purchase it now on kindle on

Enjoy 🙂

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Choose, My Love.

Live, for you deserve to live in this world. You have a right to walk on this earth for here is your temporary home before you will be moved to a better place. Build your shelter as many as you can for you are a man with many miles ahead.

Love, for you belong to your other half. You have to feel what it feels like to have each other company and enjoy the love of your life in a wonderful way. Cherish your love one and spend your lifetime with your love for you are no a lonely man in this world.


Choose, my love, for you cannot have more than one and one is always better than two. Decide what your heart decides and follow what your mind says. Take one of us, for I am the blue of the night and she is the red of the light whilst you are the gold of the stars.

As the stars stay only with the night. Would you dare to change it?

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A Confession of A Night

“Are you okay?”

“Of course.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, love. I always am.”

“Are you lonely?”

“No. I have you.”

“Are you happy?”

“I am.”

“Are you sad?” 

“I am not sad.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, of course. I am happy. Although you have never been so close, but I am happy.”

“Are you happy?”

“I have to be. I see no point in being unhappy. I have been so far away from you. And I will always be far away. We can hardly be together. I accept this situation. I accept the fact that I will always have to see you go but I have faith that you are coming back, aren’t you, darling?”

“Are you happy?”

“I cannot be unhappy. Would it make better? I am losing half of myself everytime I see you go. But I have to understand that. I cannot complain, can I?”

“Are you happy?”

“I have ….”

“Are you happy?”


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Teruntuk Bulan di sana.

Halo pembaca,

Di hari Jumat ini saya ingin berbagi kerinduan saya tinggal di suatu tempat yang begitu saya rindukan saat ini. Sebuah tempat yang membuat saya ingin menjadi diri saya sendiri sebab alamnya tidak memaksa saya untuk melakukan hal di luar keinginan saya. Sebuah tempat yang tidak hanya menawarkan keindahan tetapi juga menjanjikan kenyamanan sekaligus kebahagiaan. Sebuah tempat yang jika ditinggalkan akan meninggalkan kesan yang begitu mendalam. Sebuah tempat yang ingin saya sebut namanya tetapi enggan mengejanya karena tempat itu begitu bersifat pribadi, begitu sangat intim dengan jiwa saya.

Terkadang saya berpikir untuk benar-benar meninggalkan tempat itu, merelakannya untuk tidak terlihat lagi oleh mata saya. Tapi kompromi semacam itu telah diiringi dengan duka dan kesedihan mendalam yang mendarah daging dengan nurani saya. Seolah-olah tempat itu akan betul-betul tiada, lenyap ditelan bumi.

Jadi, tolong beri tahu langit yang jauh di sana, yang ditemani bulan dan bintang di malam hari, yang disinari matahari di siang hari:

saya akan segera datang.