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Stranger to Lover

A stranger is lost.

Like the lost child separated from his mother.

In your heart, I see half of your love and half of my love.

Like the two magnets trying to attract each other.

But a stranger is always lost.

Lost in paradise and has created the fire beneath the ground.

We have burnt the desire inside and replace it with holy water.

Oh, stranger, can we love each other?

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Seeking The Future

I have seen the night when it was not as bright as the day but it was not as dark as the night: the stars shone so bright and the moon lightened up the spot where I was supposed to be.

I have walked the earth from north to south, tasting the cold of winter and the heat of summer; blown by the wind from east to west, feeling the breeze of spring and the cool of autumn.

I have seen the day when it hid its light and showed its cruelness by clouding up the sky and pouring the rain so heavily; wet the soil and grew the wild grass, darkened the house  and doomed the life.

Yet, I have learned nothing.

I have not known what the light in the night would bring to me. I have not known what the stars tried to tell me. I have not known what the moon would offer to me. I have not known if the beautiful night could exist.

I have not realised that the earth had to be the home of mine. I have not realised that the wind had to be the sound I follow. I have not realised that the snow had to be the base of my purity.

I have not acquainted with the warm of day. I have not acquainted with my own shelter. I have not acquainted with any living creatures.

So how would I find out my future?

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Choose, My Love.

Live, for you deserve to live in this world. You have a right to walk on this earth for here is your temporary home before you will be moved to a better place. Build your shelter as many as you can for you are a man with many miles ahead.

Love, for you belong to your other half. You have to feel what it feels like to have each other company and enjoy the love of your life in a wonderful way. Cherish your love one and spend your lifetime with your love for you are no a lonely man in this world.


Choose, my love, for you cannot have more than one and one is always better than two. Decide what your heart decides and follow what your mind says. Take one of us, for I am the blue of the night and she is the red of the light whilst you are the gold of the stars.

As the stars stay only with the night. Would you dare to change it?

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A Confession of A Night

“Are you okay?”

“Of course.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, love. I always am.”

“Are you lonely?”

“No. I have you.”

“Are you happy?”

“I am.”

“Are you sad?” 

“I am not sad.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, of course. I am happy. Although you have never been so close, but I am happy.”

“Are you happy?”

“I have to be. I see no point in being unhappy. I have been so far away from you. And I will always be far away. We can hardly be together. I accept this situation. I accept the fact that I will always have to see you go but I have faith that you are coming back, aren’t you, darling?”

“Are you happy?”

“I cannot be unhappy. Would it make better? I am losing half of myself everytime I see you go. But I have to understand that. I cannot complain, can I?”

“Are you happy?”

“I have ….”

“Are you happy?”


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The One

I have ever fallen in love before. Yes, many times. I fell in love with few persons that have now gone from my life. You are not my first love. You are not the very first person I fall in love with.

I have ever been in a relationship before. Yes, several times. I was in a relationship with few persons that are now becoming strangers in my life. You are not my first boyfriend. You are not the very first man I have relationship with.

I have thought about someone else before. Yes, a lot of times. I thought about being with few persons that are now away from my mind. You are not my first thought. You are not the very first person I think about.

But, love – yes, you are my love now – I am now yours as you are mine. I am in love with you now and I will always be. I am your soulmate now and I will always be. I am thinking of you now and I will always be.

Yes, my love. We are together now. We are one and we are love that cannot be separated. Nothing can change that and nothing can take away our souls from each other. Whoever we will become and whomever we will be with, our love and our souls will always be together.

My love – we belong to each other hereafter.